Advice About Caving Equipment Every Beginner Should Know


Are you ready to go on adventure of a lifetime? We are just as excited as you are and can supply you will all of the trustworthy equipment you need to make it back safe and in one piece. We have many different kinds of caving equipment that would be perfect for any cave expedition, big or small. If you are new to the caving world, here is some advice that every beginner should follow and know...

  1. If you are geared up with all of the proper caving equipment, your adventure and experience will be more fun! If you are properly outfitted with durable caving clothing and equipment you are more likely to stay dry and warm and have more fun and have an awesome overall experience.
  2. Borrow or rent some gear to start! We don’t want you to buy our gear if you aren’t sure you’ll love the adventure and adrenaline that caving will bring you. We suggest you try out caving before you invest time and money into getting products like petzl gear and rope access gear. When you are ready, we expect you to keep Inner Mountain Outfitters in the back of your mind.
  3. The caving equipment you need depends on where you are caving. The clothing and gear you use in Europe will be different depending on locations and environmental conditions. Make sure you do research to properly educate yourself on the caving location you’re planning.
  4. Caving will always be testing out your caving gear’s endurance limits. Make sure you are always using your caving gear that is specific to what you’re doing. Exploring a cave will be testing your gear to it’s limits. Make sure you’ve got the right gear and not a weak fanny pack to carry your things in.
  5. MOST IMPORTANTLY- Never use climbing equipment. Climbing equipment and caving equipment are completely different subjects and should be kept separate. You may think that it doesn’t look like too bad of an idea, but the fact of the matter is, the gear is for completely different ideologies.

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