Caving Equipment for the Deep, Dark Places of the Earth


It takes a certain type of courage to delve into the deep, dark places of the earth, and if you've found that you love spelunking, it's important that you have the proper caving equipment for each expedition. At Inner Mountain Outfitters, our mission is to equip every person that desires to go underground and discover the beauty and wonder that can be found in the depths of the world. From clothing and harnesses, to instructional materials and battery chargers, we have everything you'll need when you're ready to leave the land of sunshine.

One thing to always keep in mind is the moisture that you'll encounter when underground. Caverns may hold large underground lakes, and condensation is almost always present in a cave. If you have gear that you absolutely must keep dry, take along some of our Pelican Micro Cases. They will keep your camera, survey gear, and other important electronics dry, and will stand up to drop and dings while you're exploring. Another piece of gear that could prove useful, especially in an emergency situation, is a steel ladder. It may come in handy when you need to find your way out of a pinch.

The caving equipment we sell is of the highest quality, but in the end, it's only gear. It only becomes useful when paired with the knowledge, experience, and courage to take the plunge into the caves and passageways under the earth. The next time you're planning a caving expedition, make sure you have the right gear by visiting Inner Mountain Outfitters.