Do you have Proper Rescue Gear?


To recap our last blog, we told you about a great piece of caving equipment that could end up saving your life while you explore the vast world of caves. The caving equipment that we have available at Inner Mountain Outfitters is so diverse that even rescuers come to us to get equipment. That’s right, we’ve got rescue gear, including rope access equipment available for purchase by anyone!

Let’s show you some of the rescue gear that we have in order to give you some ideas on who would get great use out of this equipment. To start off, as much as we would love to see in the dark, humans haven’t ever been very good at it. If you are in a career that involves working in unpredictable circumstances at night, we have what you need to be able to see as clear as day. Our Petzl Pixa 3 Headlamp is reasonably priced at $74.95 and is perfect for close-range or long-range visionary needs. With this predictable rescue gear, you’ll be able to fully utilize three different lighting modes to adapt to your scenery. Another great fact about this Petzl headlamp is that it is durable! Don’t worry, if you drop this great headlamp, you’ll be able to pick it right back up and keep working. At 2 meters this headlamp can still survive. Do you want to wear this chemical resistant headlamp the next time you have to work in the dark? If so, visit us online now and see clearly!