Explore with Predictable Caving Equipment from Inner Mountain Outfitters


It’s Friday and I can’t wait to start exploring what the caves of the Rocky Mountains have in store for me! This weekend should be a blast, but you should know I wouldn’t be where I am today without the help of Inner Mountain Outfitters. Inner Mountain Outfitters is the place I go whenever I need help finding the equipment I can trust for all of my caving adventures. Different caving equipment included in my purchase was caving equipment such as rope access equipment, rope access gear and different rescue gear.

Let’s get into the specifics. I love to be in the outdoors, it is where I am in my element! I’ve spoiled myself with all of the best caving equipment like the Petzl Fractio Harness. This bad boy is the most comfortable belt I’ve ever worn and it’s made out of a superior polyester webbing for high strength and excellent durability. Check out this awesome harness with a double waistbelt here. The next piece to my equipment bag was to have handy dandy rope access equipment. The rope access gear that I bought was incase there was a need to be rescued in a bad situation. It’s always good to have some rope on you to help pull yourself out of a troubling situation. I recommend the 10MM PMI Rope. This rope has absolutely no elongation and is very sturdy. You will be able to trust this rope, even if your life depends on it. View this predictable product here.