Find Caving Equipment for Your Summer Adventure


If you're someone that seeks out new adventures on a regular basis, spelunking is one that you have to add to your list. Caving can be an exhilarating experience, as long as you know what you're doing (or have someone that knows) and you have the proper equipment. There are many, many cave sites in the continental United States and chances are, you'll find one not too far from home. Kentucky, Texas, and South Dakota are just a few states that boast outstanding spelunking spots and Inner Mountain Outfitters has the caving equipment to help you explore them all.

It's important to plan a group adventure for your first cave trip and to take a knowledgeable guide and spelunker along with you, or hire one when you reach your destination. An experienced guide is often the difference between a positive and negative caving trip. Also, a person should never attempt their first cave adventure on their own, simply because knowing what to do in an emergency can save your life. Being trained on how to use your equipment is also important, since if you can't clip a carabiner properly, you shouldn't be in a cave alone.

If your summer plans include trying spelunking for the first time, gear up with exceptional caving equipment from Inner Mountain Outfitters. You can find harnesses, ropes, and everything else you need to delve into the deep places of the world. If you're an experienced caver, be sure to check out our upcoming events calendar for exciting caving events in the next few months.