If You Work At Height, Make Sure You Have the Proper Equipment


For those that work high above the ground, the proper equipment is obviously essential. A climbing or rappelling background may have led you to take the job you have, but regardless of your training or knowledge, you know that only with quality equipment can you hope to avoid serious injury. At Inner Mountain Outfitters, we also know the importance of good rope access equipment, and have gear for every job that requires you to leave solid ground.

You may work in a field that requires you to inspect tall buildings using ropes and rigging. You may also work in a job where you’re replacing panes of glass in skyscrapers. Regardless of the job you have, you only feel at ease hundreds of feet above the earth when you know that your gear is reliable. We carry caterpillar sets, rigging plates, and ropes that will last through many, many days on the job. It won’t matter if you’re climbing telephone towers or preparing for a rescue operation - you’ll know that your equipment will get you through the day.

We also carry harnesses and pod systems, so whether you need to move quickly or slowly along a tower or the face of a building, you'll know that your anchor points are solid and your harness is secure. Thousands of workers use rope access equipment in their jobs, and they never start their work until they know their gear is ready to go. If you need to update your gear, visit Inner Mountain Outfitters today.