Industries That Rely On Our Rope Access Equipment Part 1


Technology and innovation have helped to make us the top creature on this earth. From the invention of the wheel to the first man on the moon, humans rely on sophisticated tools to expand beyond their abilities. Rope access is one approach that relies on a combination of rope access tools and practices to allow individuals to work at height, typically delivering services far above the ground. Inner Mountain Outfitters is proud to be your source for quality rope access equipment online, and our climbing and caving gear serves to help industry professionals and outdoor enthusiasts alike. From climbing harnesses to rescue litters, our professionals stock the best rescue and climbing equipment for a wide range of uses.

With low prices and top-trained staff, you’re sure to find the safest and most economical outdoor equipment for your specific needs. When it comes to rope access equipment, professionals across numerous industries have been able to adapt and utilize this handy approach to complete their jobs. Today, we’ll highlight a few of these industries as well as the importance of utilizing the best rope access gear to create the best outcome for your project. Remember to browse our online shop when finished to find the caving, climbing, and rope access equipment needed to find the gear you need!

Geotechnical Applications

Geotechnical engineering is a field that relies on studying the dynamic of soils and rocks and how these materials are affected by the environment in which they are placed. In nature, this profession often requires engineers to gain access to steep cliff sides, deep valleys or caves, or any other area where typical transportation is not possible. Being able to utilize quality rope access tools helps these professionals to rectify or stabilize any issues, protecting the landscape and guests while creating a minimal impact in your work area. If you’ve ever seen the big nets along mountain roads designed to catch falling rocks, chances are that system was installed by a rope access professional.


From bridges and dams to radio and cellphone towers, rope access equipment is often used on manmade structures as well as natural features. Today’s high-rise ambitions help to ensure that rope access services will be needed in the future, as modern buildings are now taller and less uniform than ever. The logistical challenge of cleaning these new structures is serious, and building them can be even harder to accomplish. It’s important to rely on rope access tools that are as innovative as they are reliable.


Also known as spelunking by non-caving individuals, this activity is done for a wide number of reasons. Many people begin caving out of a thirst for adventure, exploring deep caverns and tight passages to see a whole new world. While very rewarding, caving requires the proper equipment. Caving tools are made to provide safety in such dark, cramped places, including bodily protection and vital illumination to help you through. The proper caving gear can help you to avoid injury and death, so be sure to find an outdoor equipment store that can deliver the gear you need.

Rope access equipment is versatile enough to be used across many different industries. Next time, we’ll continue to discuss this by highlighting more fields that benefit from access gear. If you’re in need of recreational or rescue gear, Inner mountain Outfitters is here to help. Browse our store to find the outdoor equipment you need or contact us today with questions!