Need Rope Access Equipment? Start Here to Build Your Kit!

by Inner Mountain Outfitters

When it comes to rope access methods, professionals rely on a vast inventory of high-quality products to create the most effective solutions for working at height. If you’re new to this dynamic service, it’s essential to find the right rope access equipment from a trusted vendor.

Inner Mountain Outfitters is here to provide quality expertise and top-notch climbing gear, caving gear, and rope access equipment.

Quality Rope Access Equipment

It’s essential to work at height with a complete kit to create the safest and most effective rope access system. Before assembling your rope access kit, be sure that your gear is compatible!

Inner Mountain Outfitters is proud to provide a full range of rope access gear to help working professionals and outdoor enthusiasts alike get the job done.

Body Harnesses

Full-body harnesses help to keep individuals securely in place in a comfortable and supportive manner. You can choose from a variety of styles to find the best fit for your needs and your preferences.

Shock Absorbers and Lanyards

These systems are designed to absorb the shock of a worker fall, relying on multiple connectors and auto-contractors to provide safety while minimizing any hindrance. Lanyards are helpful in de-accelerating the rate of descent, reducing the impact on a falling individual.

Backup Device

Protect your hide with a backup device, consisting of a fall arrester with the gear needed to keep you safe in the event of equipment failure. Backup devices are essential in ensuring the highest safety in an already-safe environment.

Ascenders and Descenders

Ascenders and descenders can be attached to both the hands and feet for easy travel from height to height. These rope access tools make life easier for working professionals.



A properly rated helmet is essential in keeping you safe from impacts, falling objects, and more. You may need to find a climbing helmet that conforms to your industry’s certification requirements.


Increase stability and comfort with a rope access seat. These platforms are ideal for sitting at height for long periods of time.

Foot Loops and Stirrups

These simple materials help to provide additional control while working in a harness system. Stirrups can provide you with a stable platform to quickly get the job done.


Coming in a variety of shapes, strengths, and sizes, carabiners provide key connections between ropes, harnesses, equipment, and more. The right locking carabiners can spell the difference between complete safety and high risk, so be sure you find the right gear to complete your rope access gear!


Unlike rock climbing, which relies on dynamic ropes to absorb the shock of minor falls, rope access techniques rely on static ropes for safe, stable support. The way your rope stretches can play a large role in determining how fast and intensive your rope access methods will need to be. The less stretch there is, the less stress will be placed on your highlines and tracklines!

To find high-strength static ropes, browse our online store, and be sure to reach out to us if you have any questions!

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Inner Mountain Outfitters is here to provide a full range of rope access equipment to professionals in need, backing our high-quality caving and climbing gear with industry knowledge and helpful advice. Browse our shop to find the tools you need, and be sure to contact us if you have any questions!