Protect Against Falls with Proper Rope Access Gear


Whether you're rappelling or working at height, it's important that your rope access gear has been tested to protect against falls. Fall hazards are real dangers for both those that work up high and those that climb and rappel, and knowing that your gear is high quality can literally save your life. Even if you have the proper training, unforeseen circumstances and accidents can occur, and having the right gear is essential in those situations.

For those that use ropes and harnesses for their job, you need gear that allows you to hold tools securely. You'll find harnesses in our store that have adequate tool loops and pouches, so if you're carrying a squeegee for washing windows, or a chisel and hammer for taking rock samples, you'll have a safe place to store them while you're suspended. If a fall does occur, due to a malfunction with an anchor or your rope, a proper harness will provide a less traumatizing fall position, keeping you safe while co-workers or rescuers come to your aid.

A person does not need to be very high to suffer injuries from a fall, and in industries such as construction, the risk of a fall becomes much greater. Having the right rope access gear can help prevent severe accidents, as well as promote a more effective working environment, where safety is placed above all else. If you need ropes and other gear for a job site, rescue operations, or recreational use, you can find them at Inner Mountain Outfitters.