Quality Rescue Gear When You Need It


Climbing is a fun and exhilarating sport, but it's also a sport that requires seriousness and dedication. Only those with the proper training and experience should take on the tougher routes and ascents, and even those with the greatest knowledge and skill can encounter emergency situations during a climb. At Inner Mountain Outfitters, we believe in smart, safe climbs, where everyone is prepared for even the worst situations. Having the proper rescue gear and retrieval equipment is key to getting everyone off the mountain or rock face safely.

For extremely serious situations where a person has been hurt and you can't risk moving them, it's important that you take the proper precautions to stabilize them. When it's time to take them off the mountain, a SKED Stretcher will keep their body stationary and their neck braced for the trip down. A perfect choice for search and rescue teams, these stretchers will prove to durable and versatile in any situation. We also carry descender clamps, roof rollers, and everything else required to execute a successful rescue.

When planning your next climbing trip, make it a priority to take inventory of your equipment and double check that you have the proper rescue gear with you. Also remember to let a park ranger or the park service know where you'll be and when, so if you're not back at the appointed time, they'll know to come looking for you. A successful climb is a safe climb, and at Inner Mountain Outfitters, we supply the gear to ensure that safety.