Strong Caving Gear


Make sure you get all of your caving equipment from Inner Mountain Outfitters online store! With our online store available to anyone, anywhere, you will be able to purchase the best equipment possible. Different equipment we carry includes Petzl gear, rope access gear and caving gear.

Caving gear is a very broad category! There are many different products that you could use while caving. Currently we are featuring a wonderful piece of equipment that will help you with all of your caving adventures. The Petzl Tam Tam Caving Hammer is a hand drill for placing anchors in rocks. This hammer comes with a 13mm socket and 8 mm bolt heads. To view this product, you can visit the product page here!

Another great piece of gear that you do not want to forget during your expeditions are our great carabiners! The Petzl Locker Carabiner is asymmetrical and is great to use for all of your climbing and caving needs. It is very light in weight and is a screw lock system carabiner. The Locker is made of aluminum and is strong! If you would like to learn more specifications about this carabiner, you can look at the details here on the product page.

Please feel free to contact Inner Mountain Outfitters to ask any questions that may have gone unanswered. We invite you to shop around for all of your climbing and caving equipment you could possibly need!