Three Safety Tips To Remember When Caving


If you’re an adventurer, caving could be your next enterprise. Caving is the sport of cave exploration. As with any sport where a person deals with climbing obstacles, remote locations, and the elements of nature, there are certain safety concerns. Remember these three things to stay safe while caving whether you’re a first-timer exploring a short, shallow cave or a veteran caver ready to take on your next challenge.

Don’t Be A Lone Wolf

One of the biggest safety mistakes you can make is caving solo. Especially if this will be your first time caving, you should always have someone (preferably two or more people) with you who is experienced with the sport and the area you’ll be exploring. It’s also important to always tell someone else where you’re going and when you expect to be back so they can send help in an emergency situation. If possible, give that person the exact GPS coordinates for where you’ll be, making you easy to find for rescue teams.

Wear Proper Equipment And Bring Extra

Hazards like falling rock make wearing a helmet and proper footwear essential for a safe cave exploration. Clothing is up to you, though you may opt to wear gloves and knee pads to save yourself pain later on, and you should always consider the weather. Dress in layered, warm clothing that is form fitting without limiting your movement. Lastly, you should always have at least three light sources with you including extra batteries.

Remember Safety First

There are a ton of small ways to stay safe while caving. For one, avoid caving if it’s going to rain as caves can flood very quickly. Always test your ropes before going out. Your life-line must be able to support your weight and the weight of your gear in a lingering hang. Finally, don’t forget to bring food, plenty of fresh water, and a first aid kit.

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