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Inner Mountain Outfitters has all the caving, climbing, rescue, and rope access gear you could ever dream of available online! We have great caving equipment! We have some great knowledgeable books available that can tell you what you need to know about caving. If you are a little more advanced and know what you are doing when it comes to caving, we’ve got some equipment that you’ll love. The caving gear that we carry is great! The carry some great Dirty Dave Caving shorts that are made specifically for caving. These shorts are definitely favorites among many cavers!

More products include rope access gear. We offer many different varieties of ropes to choose from. Visit online to see all of the options you can choose from. Petzl Gear is a big brand that we pride ourselves on carrying.  Petzl is a very trusted brand with years of experience. We carry a great variety of harnesses and clips to choose from.

If you are looking for trusting gear and informational books to learn how the ropes work, you can visit us online and shop our gear! If you have any questions about anything at all, give us a holler and we can answer any questions that you have.