Trusty Petzl Gear


It’s that time of year for shiny new gear! When you buy anything off of website, you will receive 10% off. If you spend $40 or more, you will receive free shipping on your order.  A Petzl head lamp that you can trust is the Petzl MYO XP Headlamp.  This headlamp can be yours for $90.  When you buy this great Petzl gear, you will be able to use it on 3 different lighting modes.  You can use this headlamp on 13 lumens all the way up to 141 lumens.  With this feature available, you can program your headlamp for any type of activity.  This headlamp is also wonderful because it has a Boost mode so you can use 205 lumens if needed.  The Lithium batteries used in the Petzl headlamp make it possible for your light to work even in the lowest of temperatures.  The maximum distance with this Petzl is 90 meters on Boost mode. The batteries can last you up to 89 hours when used on minimum level lumens.  Make sure you always have spare batteries in your pack to stay safe! If you would like to read more and order this trusty Petzl headlamp, click here!